Flat and rotary dies for corrugated cardboard

STANCA KFT 4404 Nyíregyháza, Debreceni út 106.
Tel./Fax: 36/42-462376
E-mail: stanca@stanca.hu

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  • Stanca was founded in 1990. We produce flat and rotary dies for corrugated cardboard. First we rented a shop from Dunapack Rt Nyiregyhaza, sometimes later we bought a plant on Debreceni street.

    We accomplished considerable technical improvement and dynamic growth through the past few years, as shown below

    1990: Design and diemaking by 'hand' 
    1994: Diemaking with jigsaw  
    1998: Design with Workbench software, diemaking with computer-controlled diesaw machine 

    2002: Design with ArtiosCad software, diemaking with computer-controlled laser cutting system and automatic bending machine 
    Our colleagues have obtained 30-year experience in this profession. As a result of continuous development, today Stanca is among the top die making companies in Hungary.